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Saving Excel Spreadsheet Data in XML

Posted by sqlnow on June 3, 2010

This post demonstrates how to convert excel spreadsheet data into XML. Why do you want to convert the excel data to XML? Well we have our data in excel spreadsheet and we want to show them into flash or our web.  As we have the data with us it will be unwise to reenter the data into XML manually. This post will help you to do that in excel.

Let’s discuss with the detailed steps. Below is the data in excel spreadsheet as in Figure – 1, which you want to convert into XML.


Figure – 1


Step-1: Create a XML schema first as in Figure – 2

 Figure – 2


Step-2: Once you created the schema just save it and import it into Excel as bellow:

Open a new excel spreadsheet è then go to Developer Tab è in the XML section click on Source (This will open up a XML Source Window on the right side of Excel application) è click on XML Maps è Add è Choose the XML schema file you created above èOK.

This will look something like Figure – 3 below:


Figure – 3


Step-3: Once this is done you just drag and drop the parent node to the spreadsheet. Then copy the data and paste it into the mapped sheet as in Figure – 4

Figure – 4


Step-4: Finally save the sheet as a “XML Data” file as in Figure – 5


Figure – 5

Now you can use the XML file created with all the data in XML format.

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